Anti Malware Tips

            It comes as no surprise that the internet is filled with malicious applications nowadays created by hackers who are after your personal information like usernames and passwords used on different sites or even credit card numbers. Not only this but malware can also affect the performance of your machine and even bring it to a virtual standstill or worse, it can automatically delete your files which means that you could lose important work related data. Fortunately, there are some anti malware actions that you can take you minimize the risk of getting your computer infected and I will share these with you below.

The rule of thumb when it comes to anti malware protection is to never trust anything you receive by e-mail unless it is clearly from a reliable source. Many types of computer viruses, especially Trojans come wrapped up in neat little packages attached to e-mail messages and as soon as you download and run these files you’ve basically just infected your computer yourself. Things to look out for are attachments promising you funny videos, messages telling you you’ve won a big prize and that you need to install a program to receive it or any type of message that is from an unknown source. The worst part is that sometimes you will receive a message from one of your friends asking you to check out something funny but in reality this is just another computer virus sent automatically by your friend’s already infected PC. The best hint you can get here is if the message is written in a different language or contains grammatical errors.

Another good anti malware tip is to always make sure your operating system is completely up to date. This is because many Windows updates for example, will include critical files needed to cover all the existing weaknesses in your operating system and make it more resilient against outside attacks. As you would expect black hat hackers are working around the clock on finding new ways to infiltrate your computer but luckily so do the white hat ones, only with the different purpose of finding new anti malware solutions to guarantee the safety of your cyber assets.

To make sure your computer is clean and malware free, you can use one of the many antimalware online scanners to find out if you are lodging any unwelcomed guests on your PC. These applications usually do their job and will come up with accurate results but if you want to make sure your computer is as clean as a whistle I recommend you buy and install one of the anti malware solutions available on the market. These hired cyber mercenaries do an excellent job at securing your PC from outside attacks and also at removing any unwelcomed guests that are already running amok on your hard disk and the best part is that it does everything automatically and with little effort required from you. Just make sure you keep the program updated at all times.